Sunday, November 29, 2015

Lemon Beach -It's a new dawn

Lemon Beach has a orangish-yellow tinge to the sky, the kind of sky I saw at sunset recently which made me stop to look. It has some curious micro-climate: it was snowing in one area, and I loved it for the snow. I also liked the signs of erosion on the slopes.

Lemon Beach Nov 2015_001

Lemon Beach Nov 2015_005

Lemon Beach Nov 2015_006

Lemon Beach Nov 2015_008

Lemon Beach Nov 2015_010

Lemon Beach Nov 2015_012

Lemon Beach Nov 2015_013

Lemon Beach Nov 2015_015
The sim is rated General

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Five years old today!

My blog is five years old today. Time to pause and reflect. I have been blogging mostly for myself, a challenge to use my time on Second Life to share the amazing builds of this virtual world. I did this without thoughts of making money from my blogging (hence the lack of ads). I am humbled that I got so many followers over time. Now though, I am no longer able to spend so much time on Second Life or on the blog, and I will slow down. I will post here no more than three or four times a month. Thank you so much for all those who take the time to check this blog!


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Eryn Vorn

This is another sim in the CALAS GALADHON park. As all others, it is a beauty made of forests, lakes, marshes and rivers. (Note: the pictures were taken this year, not in 2014)

Eryn Vorn 2014 10 31_001

Eryn Vorn 2014 10 31_002

Eryn Vorn 2014 10 31_005

Eryn Vorn 2014 10 31_007

Eryn Vorn 2014 10 31_011
The sim is rated Mature/Moderate

Monday, November 9, 2015

Appleberry -Fruit Islands Tropical Rainforest

The rainforest is a mix of African and South American rainforest (from the bird species). I must say that sound wise it is also very good, it did remind me of my work in the rainforest of SouthEast Asia. The main difference is that the canopy would be continuous with very few breaks. I hope you will enjoy this region.

Appleberry 2015 10 30_001

Appleberry 2015 10 30_002

Appleberry 2015 10 30_003

Appleberry 2015 10 30_005

Appleberry 2015 10 30_008

Appleberry 2015 10 30_011

Appleberry 2015 10 30_013
The sim is rated Mature

Friday, November 6, 2015

Laluna Island -Frisland

I was wondering if Frisland would have a new appearance this fall. I was not disappointed.

Laluna Island 2015 10 25_002

Laluna Island 2015 10 25_003

Laluna Island 2015 10 25_004

Laluna Island 2015 10 25_007

Laluna Island 2015 10 25_015
The sim is rated Mature/Moderate

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Warm Springs

The text of the sim says: "Come by ferry to the stunning Warm Springs, a beach isle full of intertwined banyan trees and live oaks and cliffs overlooking the sea." Fall has arrived.

Warm Springs 2015 10 21_001

Warm Springs 2015 10 21_002

Warm Springs 2015 10 21_004

Warm Springs 2015 10 21_005

Warm Springs 2015 10 21_007

Warm Springs 2015 10 21_008

Warm Springs 2015 10 21_011

Warm Springs 2015 10 21_013
The sim is rated Mature