Thursday, November 25, 2010

Albemarle Cliffs

This is possibly the most disjointed non-mainland sim that I ever visited... and at first I was scratching my head, but the more I looked, the more I found interesting things about it... It's as if someone took a survey of tastes in a varied crowd and then tried to satisfy them all. Outside a couple of private houses, pretty much everything else is opened to the public. First there is a goth/vampirish dance club, which does nothing to me. Then a little away, a museum (in Spanish) dedicated to rock groups like Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Queen, Deep Purple and so on.

Around the center of the sim, a weird derelict building, part morgue and something else still undefined to me (a room with a table with three turn-tables for LPs on it) adds a very dark feel to the sim. On the outside a garbage bin overflows with body parts and is infested with buzzing flies and marauding cats. A little away, vultures are fighting over some human remains.

Along the edge of the sim, a tropical beach (close to a haunted cemetery) lightens the heavy atmosphere so far encountered in this sim.

Almost in the center of the sim an incongruous high peak! It is a climbing wall with a couple of flags on top. You can click on ropes, and with the embedded animations, you will be climbing the wall, changing your hand and feet grips, or rappeling down (some ropes appear to be missing). I thought some of the animations were interesting.

From an open-air cafe, where you can play dart, you can tp to a paintball court. You just need to get two teams organised and there, have a game!!

The rest of the sim... is for you to discover.
Midnight mania. A few clothes and hair shops, a dance floor.

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