Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dexler Beach -a gallery of imagination

Outside a couple of private houses and a store of wedding gowns, medieval gowns and gorean wear for men and women, Dexler Beach had nothing of interest to offer, I thought, until I saw the 'Galerie Imagination'. Intrigued, I went into the tunnel that serves as entrance and I knocked on the magical door that so much reminds me of Alice in Wonderland...

At once I found myself in a very colourful environment. The pictures I took do not honour the place... I tried several angles, but still... Ponds of changing colours, fall-coloured trees and brilliant flowers...

And just as I was about to leave, I noticed in one of my pictures a staircase. Puzzled, I searched for it, and started the climb, going towards more unknown.

I eventually emerged from water (again thanking sl for not having suffered from breathing water into my lungs, especially since I had not noticed I was under water), and I found myself in an art gallery. There were over 20 paintings of various abstract style, all of them pleasing in different ways: colour, shape and even movement! This art show was an unexpected and marvelous discovery! I will not spoil the surprise so I am only showing these two below.

Again, the pictures do not do justice to the place. I would simply say: go check it out!

Dexler Beach is rated mature


Oriyn said...

Wow, the sim has changed a lot since then. More than half is now a Disney-inspired sim combining details from the Hollywood Studios park and shows from The California resort.

S0phia Inkpen said...

Hi Oriyn,

When I returned to Dexler Beach in February last year, it was totally changed, pretty much every parcel was for rent and a sandy beach. I have not returned since. I will go have a look at the sim, perhaps it is worth blogging again.