Monday, November 22, 2010

Dreamworld Reef

    A portion of the sim is a club that is also an exhibition of artwork. The art itself is too abstract for me... I never claimed being an art critic, or even trained in the visual arts, but I took a picture of two of the pieces so that you can judge for yourself. 

After looking at the art, I started walking around. I must say that I loved the mountain texture used, it had a feel of real rock strata, of turbulent geological history. The person(s) who build the sim used subtle effects, I find, which makes it a somewhat darkish place, but it  holds together. One of the buildings was isolated on an island, with the door closed so I did not enter it, as I was not sure if it were private. I meandered in the sim. Close to some ruins, I fed the swans in a pond, which was a lovely touch. 

At the top of one of the peaks (you are allowed to fly in that sim) a zeppelin is parked close to a watch station. At another peak, a condor was circling, a majestic sight.

Some of the sim was more magical in appearance. A strange 'bird chair' had wings that could be changed, from dragonfly-like wings to bird-like ones. Another house was steampunkish in feel. A huge greenhouse with a delightful wingback chair seemed to have as sole purpose to protect a single tree.

A last building definitely looked steampunk, with antenna emitting bright red lights, and spot lights beamed on the second peak, the one with the vulture. I looked up to follow the direction of the light beams... and smiled when I noticed the phone booth almost at the top. At the bottom of that peak, a skull and bones sign indicates to beware that deep pond. A surprise lurks in there... Are you courageous enough to go for a swim? Inside the radio station (I am calling it that, but I dont know if it is) I found accidentally the way to get the ramp to come out...

I love a place that has surprises, and I wonder how many more I have missed. I have not described everything to be found here as it is complex but in a quiet dreamily way. Such attention to details endeared that sim to me.

It is rated mature.

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