Tuesday, November 16, 2010


A whole sim dedicated to Tiny Avatars, and Pets of all kind! Needless to say, I felt like a giant in there. Ok I admit my bias, I find hard to believe that there could be so much interest in tinies. Many of these avatars are based on fairy tales, movies or tv shows, and books, and most of them belong to a part of culture I am not familiar with at all. I find these tinies often cartoonish or childish, but others, to my surprise, are amazing and highly-detailed gems. Cats and dogs and other familiar pets inspire a whole range of tinies, as well as unicorns, and dragons; a shop even had tiny kangaroo clothes, though I did not see the avatar itself! 

On this sim, you can buy pretty much anything any avatar would need (as long as you are tiny): clothes, furniture, tractors, helicopters... though perhaps an helicopter is not of any use if you are a butterfly avatar (3 different kinds, inspired by the blue mountain butterfly, the well-known monarch and the majestic birdwing -unceremoniously called the green butterfly). Now, the shop also had caterpillar avatars, and I was wondering if the caterpillar eventually became a butterfly: that would be so fascinating to see, from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly at last, the wings stretching and drying after emergence, the antennas unfurling...

Most shops are housed in medieval-looking houses or buildings. What is not shop territory is in keeping with the theme of tinies and other magical creatures... giant mushrooms, some of which look poisonous to my eyes... the decor is fairy-tale in colours and artefacts, not very sophisticated or refined, but I appreciate the attempt to keep to one theme. 

Far from the stores, in a secluded area of the sim, a sea monster is swimming endlessly in a pond, close to a cave that seems inhabited. At the other end of the pond, tinies can sit at a colourful picnic table protected from the sun by an equally colourful sunshade.

One of the shops sold an astrological Planetary Rotation Machine which, I must admit, grabbed my attention, though obviously the planets were rotating much too fast around the sun to be a true representative of our solar system, but I thought of the use of such a contraption in a classroom before the computer era... Now, this Machine does not reflect today's reality where Pluto has been demoted from being a planet to being one of the several dwarf planets... but I like Pluto as a planet, it makes it... more dignified, don't you agree?

Games present: 7 Seas Fishing. Midnight Mania


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