Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fleetingness of sl

I've changed the background picture, this time it is the Antonia sim which I visited well over a year and a half ago, in the days when I was visiting places but not keeping much track of anything. I just checked it.... This build does not exist anymore, such is sl, places, builds come and go, it is impossible to see all of it, I am barely touching a significant number of sims. And a sim today or tomorrow might pass into other hands and all that was build on it gone. Or simply the owner wants something different and builds it or hires a builder. There is nothing permanent in this virtual world, evanescence is a main characteristic. A background picture where most of it is hidden by the blog post, hinting at what may have been there is perhaps a fitting way of emphasizing  its transience.

If you have any suggestions of sims for me to visit, I will gladly consider them...

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