Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Gracie Kendal Project

Yesterday, I did something different... after reading on the sl forum about The Gracie Kendal Project, and reading a good part of her blog, I im'ed her to tell her that I would be willing to be part of her 'usual suspects'. You see, Gracie takes front and back pictures of avatars... Her project started with the aim of studying or illustrating online anonymity, but grew to be a study documenting avatars...

I asked her what was the most intriguing in what she had seen, and she mentioned two of the recent pictures she took, one was of a horse, and another one was an avatar named Rask, whose avatar was uncommonly detailed and dirty.... I saw the two pictures on her walls (and both are on her blog, on the November 27th page), and indeed, they are different from her regular pictures. She also mentioned a mesmerizing couple... Mostly she found all of her subjects to be genuine and respectful, creative and imaginative.

As I was standing in her grey half-sphere, waiting for her to be done, I looked at her walls of pictures. She will need taller walls soon, no doubt about that. And everyone pictured there, the appearance, the poses, differed from everybody else, and it seemed I would never have the time to look long enough at every picture.

In the end, my back and front pictures were added to the wall, and I looked at them in curiosity. I have been working pretty hard to give S0phia the look of an older woman (mid-fifties to mid-sixties), and from the picture, I satisfied myself that I seemed to have been successful. She does not have the sweltness of most female avatars, being somewhat thick around the waist, with sagging breasts. The skin was done by a friend of mine, Milla Alexandre, and has wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and the looseness of an older skin. She also did the shape which I later modified a bit. I bought a few grey or white hair, liking those where the hair was tied in a loose bun in the back. Clothes that looked respectable were hard to find... Long dresses (at least below the knee) and blouses or sweaters that often cover the neck... My pictures blended in her wall, and that seemed right.

She is always looking for subjects. Go for it! Send her an im!


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