Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guardamar -wildlife past and present

If you are a nature lover like me, Guardamar will please you. From swimming or jumping fish, reptiles (turtles, dinosaurs and a Loch Ness monster), birds like flamingos, pigeons and eagles, marine mammals and so on for sale, there is bound to be something of interest. Some of them are in giant versions, others in normal size version, all of them with attention to details. Many of these are free. Some are made for being located off sim, so are great for decorations that way. The sim also boasts having 'possibly the largest whale of sl', and it is big!

(See the flying swordfish in the upper left corner of the picture below)

The dinosaurs are kept on a separate island (à la Jurassic Park?) that you can reach with a rickety wooden bridge. If this flimsy bridge is to keep them on their small island (any of them would surely break the bridge by trying to use it), I doubt it will work: the dinosaur island is not separated by a wide enough or deep enough straight!

Another part of the sim is someone's playground, and its landscaping is well in keeping with the rest of it. There was something about the waves there that made them look very realistic. The lovers had written their names on the sand which added a sweet touch to this island.

Guardamar is one of those quiet stores where you can meet people with similar interests, brought there because of a search on a key word. This fascinates me about sl... you can be visiting a sim that caters to some specific niches, as in this case I made a search on "penguin", and while you are there, a visitor teleports in... if you feel chatty, you can say hi and then if the other feels chatty too, a conversation may ensue. It might be just one of those passing conversations, or who knows, it might lead to an interesting friendship.

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Guardamar is rated mature/moderate.

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