Saturday, November 13, 2010

I visited the Zxio sim today... please note that there is no real reason for going to this place rather than another one. I often take a random three letter 'word' (like aqu), put it in the search... then pick one of the results, either randomly or by interest. And today, it was Zxio, as the name intrigued me.

I used the landmark of Ali's Joyas/Ali's Jewells shop and landed at the back of the store close to a cuddle place.

 The shop itself contains jewellery of all kinds, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings (including the wedding rings). I like it when stores try to beautify their surroundings as this one did. On the side of the store are park benches, in front a beach with orcas and dolphins jumping out of the water. The most original seat is that on the crescent moon which rotates above the beach, and with a star spinning against the moon's rotation. The beach itself was ordinary.

Zxio's cuddling moon

 Associated with the store is a lovely cave with meditation cushions, floating pools. I am not sure if it is private or opened to the public, but I could visit without problems. However, some of the stones around the outside pool had no physical structures to them (you can tell I am not a builder), so you would just sink through. However that pond has a spiral path that goes down in the water and reveals a couple more poseballs in an eerie aquatic environment, with an improbable campfire, but I must say that I find this area tasteful and charming.
Zxio's cave

Zxio's magical hill

Buena Vista Mall is mostly empty, with a bland architecture, nothing special about it distinguishing it from countless other malls.

Rakan Resort is unfinished. Will it be finished? I entered the house located on the resort (it had a Welcome sign), obvioulsy a cat lovers' house.

Zxio's cat mural

yuiyui Shop is for furniture and animations, with sets of poses called Good friend poses, for use in photography, I would think. Also couples animations which looked sweet and tender. It has its own version of lucky chairs too one was for a witch's broomstick with a cat on it, but I did not win it. There was a dresser with animations too, which makes me think that I would buy a dresser in sl only if I can see myself in the mirror when sitting on it. That, I think, would be very hard to do... but as you probably gathered already, I am not a builder and not a programmer. Some of the table-and-chairs furniture had a variety of poses (like putting your feet on the table). A regular lucky chair was upstairs. A few shapes are for sale too,  though I found them in general to be too wide-eyed, too childish-looking... but hey! if you look at my picture you will see that I am well past my 20s. Animations and shells for mermaids are sold here too.

There is some private land too on this sim. The land is not shown as private, but there is a dog that will keep coming at you and bump you into the water. I am the kind of person that a simple warning sign would suffice to keep out. But you have to admit that it is difficult sometimes to distinguish what is build for the public enjoyment's and what is private. There were a few boats and other means of transport (an helicopter for example). I took a picture of a simple house I thought was lovely.

Zxio's private residence

All in all, the sim lacked an overall theme. Note that the sim is rated mature.

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