Sunday, November 28, 2010

Opera Joven -a Mexican destination

I have visited rp sims, memorials, art galleries, shops and residential sims, but Opera Joven falls into a different category: it is a real-world tourist destination, depicting some of the attractions of the state of Jalisco, Mexico. And best of all, I boarded a train and visited the sim without having to do anything, except camming on the scenery (mind you I also visited it on foot, as I discovered the train station when I was nearly done...). The train stops in various areas.

Let's board the train and go! Lucky for all of us, the tickets are free! I am not disclosing everything... you will have to go and discover that for yourself.

The first stop is at Lake Chapala, a World Heritage Site (UNESCO). You can rent a house there. You then go through the tequila landscape, which is hills covered in blue agave.  

You can attend a variety of events at the Auditorium of Opera Joven. Then the train goes by the market, and this is worth a visit. An art gallery displays a variety of paintings, and close-by another has mexican-style furniture, and so on. Not far from it is a restaurant serving local food.

The second stop is at the Cathedral of Guadalajara, "a church with renaissance structure & gothic interior, built 16-17th centuty". I was a little disappointed there at the quality of the build, but it is still a good stop.

The rest of the ride takes you by Puerto Vallarta Beach and Colima's Volcano.

I think using sims for publicity about real-life destinations is a great idea, and I liked the mix of popular and cultural stops.
The sim is PG

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