Monday, November 15, 2010

Pride Isles

Nearly the whole sim is occupied by a one store... of captivating imagination...  (:: 2Xtreme :: Mainstore, Design furniture and Beyond). Not far from the landing place, you can hitch a ride to the space station...

... and there you can play with weightlessness and artificial gravity, first while sitting in chairs situated in cylinders that are rotating. My skirt did follow gravity, more or less, but not my hair. In fact, I am not sure how either should have been behaving... but sl has limits to some of the realism it can effect, and perhaps that is good. In the zero gravity room, I wore the free degrav dispenser and survived the 60 seconds demonstration of zero gravity, and that experience was great fun!!! I am glad that the campfire in the fireplace (which I thought was a bit strange to have in a space station, but this is sl, afterall) remained in place. Perhaps the fireplace had its own gravity field, or the wood could have been magnetized and attracted to the plate at the bottom of the fireplace... but then, what would happen to the ashes? But aside from those preoccupations of a first-time virtual space traveller, the space station is worth a visit.

I examined the photography galery in the  space station, most of the photos were of architectural designs, and a few of paintings or everyday life. Looking though a porthole at an asteroid nearly overgrown with a fern and with a twinkling lamppost, I could not but be reminded of 'The Little Prince' of Saint-Exupéry, where a planet was overgrown by baobabs, or where a lamplighter had to light or extinguish a streetlamp every minute because of the rapidity of his asteroid's rotation. The thought filled me with a tender melancholy likely helped by the Albinoni cd I was listening to at the time.

The items for sale in the store are varied, high quality furniture inspired by real life designers like Poul Kjaerholm, with a section being an art store selling masterpieces from some of the greatest artists in the world, and an art gallery with pictures of Marilyn Monroe. There are birds, and crocodiles, and more animals for sale than I could mention!!!

The sim is rated Mature.

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