Saturday, November 20, 2010

Seasons in sl

I visited a couple of sims yesterday, none had anything remarkable in them, except a variety of stores, and both sims were very unfinished, lots of vacant land or land for sale. They both were on mainlands, and I generally find these less interesting, but perhaps it is just that I never explored one that I really liked. I will continue looking.

I stopped by Shantos yesterday (mature/moderate). It has a cuddle park, the only place where there was an attempt at making this a more interesting corner in the sim.

The rest was mostly empty land, sometimes closed to the public by those annoying "No entry" barriers, protecting me from more empty land...

A few freebies were present, rolex watches (that reminds me of the story a friend told me of meeting a seller of rolex watches on the street *psssst real cheap* and who later discovered those were fake. He had bought one knowing full well that at that price it likely was stolen properly... only it was not stolen, it was a scam!), textures and shoes, furniture, carpets, and Christmas decorations.

And yes... sl celebrates most of the western Christian- or pagan-type of holidays (I don't remember a sim celebrating any muslim holidays, or hindu). Hallowe'en is a biggy, surpassed perhaps only by Christmas. And who says Christmas says decorations, and stores selling them...

7 Seas Fishing. Midnight Mania, Lucky Chairs, and a variety of money games.

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