Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Westwood Falls

In my continuous visits, looking for interesting places, I happened on this sim. Remember, in one of my blog entries, I mentioned that many of the residential sims opt for the quarter-sim tropical flat sandy beach plots separated by water. Another popular scheme is the snow-covered mountain range. Perhaps because I have lived in the tropics, and spent time on some tropical islands drinking tea made with brackish water, those islands have long lost their magic (they are not the paradise most people want them to be, or they are a paradise only if you have a ticket out of there).... or is it because I love winter and mountains? A sim using this scheme is more interesting than those using the bland pale-yellow beaches where all that catches the eye are the coconut trees. At least here the neighbours are not visible, hidden as they are by the mountains... it becomes a private hideaway. This plot is on Westwood Falls.

This sim is mature/moderate, and the url is:

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