Friday, November 19, 2010

Zayka -Ashwood Resort: much more than a tropical sandy beach

I have seen many residential sims following the same pattern of what 'paradise' should be: a flat sandy beach with a few palms trees, the sim divided in 4 plots delimited with water and with a house on each plot if the plot is rented. Boring... This sim however is way above that.

First, the sim is all integrated into one landscaping theme, and yes it is a tropical theme but it works! There are hills, and islands, places for fishing and surfing, secluded areas, a pirate ship and a small club for live performances... and I might have forgotten a few things...

Let's visit it, bearing in mind that it is still a work in progress: not far from the landing place on the top of a hill, you can see the pirate ship, stark and menacing in the water... The underwater world... One of the joys of sl is to be able to swim endlessly or even walk along the bottom of the sea without risk of drowning or without the need of any scuba equipment (unless you strive for realism). The bottom of the sea is not flat and endless wavy sand with a jumping whale or two but contains underwater air vents, and pillars and slopes, making it as much a joy to explore as the land part of the sim. Watch out for the shark that apparently attacks those not wearing the group tag (I did, so I was safe, but I did see the skeleton of someone who was not so lucky)... Stingrays also swim elegantly in those waters, as do colourful schools of fish. The water teems with wildlife of all sort.

Above water is also well landscaped. The houses are tasteful and sober, blending well in the environment, with an aquarium being a distinctive note. One of the houses for rent is the honeymoon place, and is well-protected in its own valley, with its private hideaway... A horse corral had one horse only, but I hear there are breeding plans for more. The last place I saw was a secluded beach area with a surf board rezzer.

High up above, the owner works on a winter scenery scheme, where soon you will be able to go after the sauna-like tropical beach in order to roll in the snow.

The sim is rated mature.

7 Seas Fishing

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