Thursday, December 2, 2010

Catalunya Virtual: a maze and more

When I landed in Catalunya Virtual, the phone rang in rl and I had to answer... So I remained motionless for a while. I was as usual, wearing my Mystitool, and I noticed I was hit by an object... I moved away until the call was over, then enlisted the help of another tourist...

Where I had landed originally, an eagle was circling. As a bird watcher, I would say the eagle was exhibiting territorial behaviour, trying to protect its nest... but there was no nest around. It was fascinating, when the other tourist or I moved around in the eagle territory... it changed flight pattern, and it seems to attack mostly the one who was the closest to the center of the circle...

Every good thing must come to an end, or perhaps fearing that we would be seriously injured by the eagle (*winks* this is sl...), I moved on to visit the rest of the sim. The sim is roughly divided into 3 parts, one which is more business-like, for Catalonia-based business (and pretty much everything is Spanish), another part is residential, with a request to respect people's houses, and another part is the tourist area. It does not seem like much, just a third of a sim, but that is where I enjoyed myself more than expected.

I walked along a path which led me to a beach where I was startled by a cow...

quickly peaked inside the few houses and art gallery on the way,

 until a sign showing the entrance of a labyrinth. That right away captured my interest... I entered the labyrinth, slowly at first. Part of it is under water... yes, it is 3-dimensional with multiple passages, and I found a few unexpected treasure during my explorations. It is a tricky labyrinth, and a good challenge, and just that made the visit more than worthwhile.

Afterwards, I climbed a high tower... later found an exquisite mosaic-tiled dance floor,

and here and there in the business part of the sim a couple of art galleries.

The sim is rated mature.

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