Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fate of a friend: Milla Alexandre

Most of you may know her much more than I do. I discovered her sim, Arpes, about two years ago... and I had a picture of it as a background to this blog a couple of weeks ago. However, I change the background every week, to illustrate in an way the fleetingness of sl. But sl being a virtual world, it is not only fleeting by virtue of being made of bits and bytes, stored on several servers, that builders can change according to their desire and ability, it is also a place where you can be entirely anonymous, where you know next to nothing about someone unless you talk truthfully about real life. I never insist to know anything about real life, some of the best conversations I've had on second life were conversations with total strangers where friendship was not even extended, and I have likely forgotten who I talked too even if the conversation remains in my mind.

I had enjoyed Milla's sim very much, the paintings of her mother spoke to me, the scenery and I even bought one of the displayed paintings it seems... it is somewhere in my inventory, and I dont even know which of my alts bought it... and try as I might, their inventory is out of control...

So here is the picture of her sim again... because I want to talk about her. The sim might still exist, but don't look for this particular build, it's long gone.

I had her sim in my picks, and I would go there once in a while to relax and look at the pictures again, and the build, in celebration of her parents. That sim eventually disappeared (she took a break, I am guessing). But later she recreated a similar one at Jackel Bay.

We spoke only very occasionally... I was part of her group Sabijha... and then, when the urge to start writing about sl came to me (there is a story that wants to come out), I decided to create an alt who was going to be my writer's face, and S0phia was created... I contacted Milla and commissioned her for a skin and shape. I wanted to have an alt who would look old, past 40... she relished the challenge of doing something different! She did a great job and wanted no payment except not paying her was not an option for me, I wanted to show her how much I appreciated the work she had done for me! The next step was to get her to take a picture of S0phia, and I left her a few messages... but from the end of September she never returned... and her new sim disappeared. I sent her ims, wondering if everything was alright, then even sent her an e-mail (she has an e-mail address on her profile)... no response.

Well, people come and go and leave sl... sometimes return... sometimes not... And if you know nothing about their rl, no matter how close you are, the silence cannot be broken.

So, out of the blue, someone I don't know starts asking me about Milla, worried at not having heard anything from her in two months... she did a search and found news about a person that corresponded to what we knew about the real-life Milla. A woman named Cherie Stannard was in a major car accident on September 30, and is now paralyzed from the shoulders down. Cherie is sl's Milla, as confirmed by a comment I sent and that was published on that blog:

The entry for December 7 has my e-mail to the author of the blog

So if you know Milla on sl, then you now know why she has not come back... I bought her book and will send her a card... or two... or three...


Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

Please feel free to email me at for info on how Cherie is doing. I am her best friend from childhood and I have been visiting her regularly since the accident. She will be back in FL with her sister after January 13. I will visit her next weekend and will send your kind wishes for her

S0phia Inkpen said...

Thank you Elizabeth for the news. Cherie/Milla is in my mind. Give her my best.