Thursday, December 16, 2010

Passionflower: a sim dedicated to Ishtar

I remember stating not too long ago, that outside Judeo-Christian and buddhist sims, I had not found anything really relating to other religions... I looked a little harder and found this place which is dedicated to an ancient religion, that of Ishtar. When I had talked about religions, I had not given any thoughts to those that had come and gone, surviving mostly in the historical annals. A place like sl gives people the possibility of recreating old worships. When I visited the sim, it was nearly empty.

The note card given at the tp point states, among other things:


This is a place dedicated to worship of goddess ISHTAR (as her was named by Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian and Chaldean), whose her original sumerian name was INNANA for the Phoenician Astarte. 
Often, usually Monday and Wednesday at 23.15 CET and 14.15 PDT we do RITUALS and CEREMONIES in honor of the Goddess, very formal and worthwhile watching, which you may attend as they are public.
Enjoy your visit to the Sanctuary of ISHTAR. Thank you and ISHTAR be with you.

The notecard gives a brief overview of dos and donts. Please be respectful.

The sim is rated mature.

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