Monday, December 13, 2010

Stoney Isle -Nordan om Jorden

The note on the site said: Nordan Art showing typote Beck, Syn Beresford, Feathers Boa, soror Nishi and Trill Zapatero from November 20, 2010 to January 15, 2011. Next opening, solo exhibit showing Betty Tureaud, January 22, 2011 at 2 PM SLT.

I have seen some of Betty Tureaud's pieces, so I know I will come back here as I loved it... But that's in January.... in the meantime, I also recommend the exhibit that is here, and the quarter sim right beside the exhibit hall.

I loved the art exposed there presently. Pieces from typote Beck, like this one

or Natsa Lemton
Don't forget to click on the piece from Trill Zapatero at the top of the stair and use it as a tp point!

 and Feather Boa's pieces. Walk close to them...

and many more....

 and check the lot besides it too which I found most beautiful...

The sim is rated mature.

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