Monday, January 31, 2011

Numbakulla -explore this land of mystery

A captivating sim, you can either simply explore it, or play a game while exploring it... If you play, take a notebook, when you arrive... recover all you can from the shipwreck

and get ready to play the game... The sim is well built with loads of secret passages

or hidden rooms, with items to collect which then allow you to open some of the doors or activate certain artifacts. This is a strange island... deserted, yet with houses of an unfamiliar style.

Yet other parts are in ruins,

and a temple is towering above the rest.

I had great fun playing the game and exploring the island. I doubt I found all the secrets...
The sim is rated PG/General

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Photon Pinks -light of all colours

You are invited to follow the nature trails around the island,

through the garden, along the beach

or in the jungle where you will meet amazing creatures. 

The castle is also worth a visit.

This sim is an Alice in Wonderland type of world, nothing is real, everything surreal.... danger abounds

and yet playful moments too,

hidden passages.... worth a visit

The sim is PG/general

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Renaissance Island -Role play and academia

    Set up in England's Elizabethan times, this sim represents the parish of Reading Primley. It is used for roleplay and also for academic purposes. Visitors are welcome. If you click on some signs throughout the sim you will get notecards explaining the sim, and they can also bring you to a website. The shops in there sell period items (houses, clothes and so on). I enjoyed the build, the clocktower, for instance, and the wood walls inside some of the buildings, the period tapestries...
The sim is Mature/Moderate.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Cellardoor Island -where the bottles are spinning

I saw this game on this sim and it made me smile.
The sim is Mature/Moderate.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

PiRats Art Network -an art gallery to keep an eye on

    Pirats is a French organization for the promotion of RL and SL Art. The sim has exhibitions of art pieces that changes overtime, some are shown for long periods and others are transient. If you want to see a variety of artists on sl, this is a sim to visit on a regular basis. At this point you can see pieces by Dixit Writer for instance that transform over time; 

Vroum Short; 

JadeYu Fhang;  Cherry Manga,

Van Caerndow,

Mik Frequency, Ub Yifu, Nish Mip, nessuno Myoo,

Filthy Fluno,

Curt Kongo, Luko Enoch),

luciella lutrova, Archibald Sideshow, Kundemor Tamatzui, Kayly Iali, and I missed some... I could show more pictures... but instead, I encourage you to go there.
The sim is rated Mature/Moderate

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lifstaen - another casualty?

    I visited that sim in September of 2009, a garish sim, but fun and wild, as you can see from the picture... When I returned to it this week, the build was gone, abandoned land with a title "abandoned 30 October 2010". There was a forlorn tree with leaves made of round candies, the rest had volatilized almost like... like... pixels on a screen that is turned off... Now though, I simply hope that the creativity of the artist that had designed that sim is still put to good use somewhere else in sl.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kissena Park - a relaxing stop

    I got the lm for a shop... but just outside the shop, a bench in a winter scenery welcomed my tired feet.

A little further, a small art gallery was showing paintings from Pema Bosatsu.
The sim is rated mature/moderate.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Japan Chubu -a Japanese castle

    A great change of scenery, this sim interested me with its Japaneseness.


rice paddies, 

castles and houses... 

it is used for rp but was quiet when I got there. The sim depicts Matsumoto Castle which is also known as the Crow Castle because of its black exterior. It exists in the town of Matsumoto, in the Nagano Prefecture.
The sim is rated PG/General

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cariacou -the story of Susa Bubble

    This is another surreal sim, with haunting snippets of music or noise (note that I almost never have my audio turned on in sl, I only have the local sim noises). It tells a story, the story of Susa Bubble,

with side notes on democracy and a few other things.

Something kept me coming back until I read the whole story and all the snippets more or less related to it. Do a search on the web, YouTube has a machinima about Susa Bubble, made in sl.
The sim is rated Mature/Moderate

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Windsor -would be Woodstock...

When I stumbled upon that sim, I smiled... some reconstruction of Woodstock, with hippy tents and vans. The rest of the sim has stores or is mostly private. I simply liked the bright and happy colours.
This sim is mature/moderate

Tie-dye or psychedelic canvas for tents...

Peace and love bus...

I loved the contrast of the windmill, the tree and the tent. That part of the sim is fun.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Risk City -Dare take any tp

    Risk City is a very surreal sim, set in midnight light. Dare take any tp.... they will bring to places you have no idea they even existed on the sim. Great adventure, weird scenes, and here and there some sweet and touching poseballs... I am showing only a small portion of what is present, it will be yours to discover.
The sim is rated Mature/Moderate

The only part of the sim that was winterish in feel.

The breast-shaped slope received favourable comments from many.

Bat-infested castle... but get closer to it...

The warm colours here gave a very welcoming feel to the scene, in spite of the bats flying around.

 Cemeteries always held a fascination for me, as I wonder about the past... I doubt any of my relatives are here.

Careful of the flies...

Sunset in a rural area, again there is a warm feeling here.