Sunday, January 16, 2011

Australia -the land of down under

    This looks like the Sydney, Australia I remember

and the sim itself offers jetski, and diving in a great white shark cage, 

or gocart on the road of the Sydney bridge. In the Opera, check the exhibit of Lynda Robinson's paintings,

 Leigh Gears,

Theo Zelin,

Margaret Huddy.

In another art gallery, across the street, you have art from Ritchey Jacobus (which seems to have captured the light exquisitely).

You can tp to a point high above, a representation of Australia's red desert around Uluru... the depiction was good, I would have liked to be able to walk around Uluru. Uluru is one of those rl places that feels sacred, though perhaps not as much as Kata Juta which is too not far from there... anyone knows if Kata Juta has been reproduced in a sim?
The sim is Mature/Moderate.

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