Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Paris IledeFrance -tourism and education

This sim is dedicated to encouraging tourism in France, for the area around Toulouse, and also as an educational sim. You can see pictures of the area, select brochures, watch a video... an art gallery... The most interesting artefact was the 'looking at yourself in a mirror'. I had been asking about that.... why would I buy a dresser in sl if I cannot see myself in a mirror. Well in this case, it nearly works.... you sit on a chair...  write 'présent' or 'passé' (present or past), and the mirror tries to show your past or your présent. Not based on anything, but a cool trick nonetheless. The illusion of looking at your self in the mirror works well. Lots of links to web sites, but that is not what interests me. Try the tp points, though, one brings you to an opera house, another one to a sphere with a natural landscape.

(This was my 'past'.)

The sim is rated PG

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