Thursday, January 27, 2011

PiRats Art Network -an art gallery to keep an eye on

    Pirats is a French organization for the promotion of RL and SL Art. The sim has exhibitions of art pieces that changes overtime, some are shown for long periods and others are transient. If you want to see a variety of artists on sl, this is a sim to visit on a regular basis. At this point you can see pieces by Dixit Writer for instance that transform over time; 

Vroum Short; 

JadeYu Fhang;  Cherry Manga,

Van Caerndow,

Mik Frequency, Ub Yifu, Nish Mip, nessuno Myoo,

Filthy Fluno,

Curt Kongo, Luko Enoch),

luciella lutrova, Archibald Sideshow, Kundemor Tamatzui, Kayly Iali, and I missed some... I could show more pictures... but instead, I encourage you to go there.
The sim is rated Mature/Moderate


Merlina Rokocoko said...

Thanks for the artists, for sharing the galleries

Pirats Team

S0phia Inkpen said...

My pleasure, I enjoyed visiting your galleries, and I fully intend to visit it at intervals!