Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tender Heart - for the sweethearts

As I explored the sim, this decoration spoke to me....

I noticed the owners around... and I had an interesting conversation with them about the wedding business. They explained how important it was for them to offer a service of quality that would give the persons involved everything they needed, pointing out that the 80 marriages they held at the sim provided the two marrying parties something that was very important to each of them. "You cannot forget that those avatars are real people in rl." Then Greg and Vito went out of their way to give me a sample of the fireworks they offer for weddings and other occasions. I will show you just a small fractions of the pictures I have taken (well over 100), with a word of warning: the fireworks are even more amazing than what the pictures show.
The sim is rated mature/moderate.

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