Monday, January 3, 2011

Thassa -hunting for Gorean silks

A friend of mine, knowing my liking for beautiful and unusual sims (or at least my interest in finding something unusual in sims) suggested I visit Thassa, and it was the start of a different adventure...

You land somewhere, suspended in a blue starry sphere,

and a poster-lined avenue brings you to a tp point. You click on it... and you find yourself dizzily transported to a sailship that becomes ship-wrecked and your only way out is to take a lifeboat...

and now you are drifting to a land, Thassa. Who knows where you are, but the two sims here are worth visiting. Thassa is the one I concentrated on... some kind of scavenger hunt for gorean silks (I have not tried them yet) will take you all over the sim, and even though I spent nearly two days there, I am still missing two of the fourteen sets of silks.
   There was an intriguing lake that changed seasons very quickly, caves, snowy mountains, underwater ruins, tents, dungeons and more... a bit of everything and enough to keep you busy a while.
The sim is rated mature

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