Monday, February 7, 2011

Caerleon Isle -Icetopia

    The notecard welcomes the visitor with those words: "In ICETOPIA, the idea is to integrate the art into a snow and ice covered environment above and below the surface of the ice and in giant spheres floating high in the sky.  I used landscaping and other content elements to enhance these environments to create "moods" that compliment the art and encourage exploration of the unique evocative areas and hidden treasures to be discovered. All the art and content in ICETOPIA came from different sources:  Some came from our past collaborative shows, some were gifts from various artists, some was given to me per my request for this show, other works were specifically placed by the artists and myself and some are purchased works or freebies from various places around SL." The notecard advises you to touch everything and anything... do take that advice to heart!

My understanding is that this exhibit might be around only another week, so hurry.

    I will not show pictures of every artist's pieces present here, but you can see pieces from luce Laval, Glyph Graves, Lollito Larkham,

Ub Yifu, AM Radio, Feathers Boa,

Light Waves, Pixels Sideways,

Wotthe Dickins, Lollito Larkham.

Do explore the ice maze,

 the enchanted forest...

And do not forget the spheres!
The sim is rated mature/moderate

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