Sunday, February 13, 2011

Welsh Bay -a walk in the park

Art pieces are dispersed in an outdoor parkland setting with many cuddle or dancing places. Art by nessuno Myoo,

Ub Yifu,

 Cheen Pitney,

Bryn Oh,

Charlot Dickins,

Amael Juran,

Alexandar Vargas,

Gwen Carillon,

Light Waves,

xTrojan Ramos,

and Hermes Kondor.

There are many more pieces to be seen, I tried to show one piece from each artist there... I may have missed some. Worth seeing, the park setting is well done... and try the various tp points!
The sim is rated mature


Anonymous said...

I BillyBob Mahoney and my Brother Alexandar Vargas would just like to say "Thank You" for visiting the sim and posting a very nice article with the pictures trying to capture much of the art that Alexandar loves to collect so much of and the scenery we hope many enjoy on the sim.
Alex's art collection is extensive from many artist and hard to display in limited spaces ;)
If you ever get time.. visit the sim noth of Welsh Bay (formerly welsh bay II) but now known as "Scruplz" He has a good amount of art there as well in the same amazing type of scenery to go with it. The art is scattered as well and also has 6 floating islands (tp's available) that each has its own Art Display and maybe a pose or dance or 2.
Anyway, just wanted to thank you for the blog and the post.

BB Mahoney

S0phia Inkpen said...

I enjoyed the sim very much... and will return at a later date to cover Scruplz, no doubt about it (I visited it last time and found much to be enjoyed there too!). Keep up the good work, it's a beautiful place.