Monday, March 14, 2011

MeetingSupport -new exhibits at the art gallery

I revisited this sim.... only the exhibition in the art gallery has changed, the rest is identical. This time the gallery is showing art from 8 people and these eight people used and incorporated pieces from each other (called mashups). Lots are shown, but for instance, this one from Cullum Writer was used to make mashups,
MeetingSupport 2011 03 13_001

Kati Kristan (left side) using the cube by Adreano Constantine (the cube on the right),

Paula Dix,

FatBear Flamand,

DeMarco Galthie (original Work by Geppex McCaw, photography worked on image editing software modified by DeMarco Galthie (sculpties) and Adreano Constantine (animation),

and finally, Lissa Charron's piece (another 'mashup' taken from an angle to show some of the effects).

The sim is rated mature/moderate

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