Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Other disappearances

As I put my pictures on Flickr (to alleviate running out of space on the blogger), I quickly went to some of the sims I have featured here. A quick review of what I saw:

Albermarle Cliffs: the builds I showed pictures of are now all gone. Not surprisingly as it was a very disjuncted sim.

The Guest sim is totally gone. Nothing comes up in search if I look for it. There was a wedding business there that I had featured.

Sadly though, Dream's Edge has changed, and the Blues club House of Tunes is gone. This one was a nice built, reminding me somewhat of Junkyard Blues.
Dreams Edge

But such is the fleetingness of sl... Many sims, and some magnificent ones, come and go. All that is left are the pictures some people took.

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