Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pet peeves and pet delights

I am not going to rant and rave but will just mention a couple of my pet peeves from exploring sl... For example, when clicking on the tp of search and the tp brings me below the floor of a building (usually underwater) or between walls or prims, and now I have to cam to find a place to sit... Or when the tp point is on a now non-existing platform, and I am falling.... falling...

Or when the landing point (remember I got those from search, usually) takes me on a private land with 5 seconds warning before being ejected... First, if the whole sim is private, make it so that you cannot not even tp to it, instead of allowing tps and then ejecting. Second, five seconds is hardly enough time to find another landmark to tp to, or even to click on tp home...

I am fine with people deciding who they will accept on their lands, and what they want to do there, but from search it is not possible to determine the kind of reception that awaits the traveller. I respect the landowners' decisions, and try to never trespass, but a lot of aggravations would be avoided by closing access to the land, or if that is not possible, giving them 20-30 seconds to leave, instead of 5. Even in that limited time I could not do much (well speaking for myself, anyways). In the description of the land or plot, indicate that it is private, also.

Otherwise, exploring sl has brought me in contact with many people, sometimes transient encounters, sometimes longer lasting friendships. I appreciate everyone of these meetings, they enrich my life. And thank you for all those who have sent me suggestions of places to visit!

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