Saturday, December 17, 2011

Blossom -Elven Forest

Blossom -Elven Forest Blossom is a mystical dark forest for fairies, elves, nymphs, wizards, drow, faun, unicorns, dragons... Part of the sim reflects the current Northern Atmosphere climate, with a few Christmas or New Year decoration.

Blossom 2011 12 04_002

But the rest is in tropical garb...

Blossom 2011 12 04_003

Blossom 2011 12 04_004

Blossom 2011 12 04_006

Blossom 2011 12 04_014

with a few buildings (one of them reminding me of Crucible)...

Blossom 2011 12 04_009

Blossom 2011 12 04_010

I have found the sim to be more laggish than most, and the various areas a little disjuncted. Still, it is worth a quick look.
The sim is rated Adult.

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