Tuesday, January 31, 2012

South Farthing

This sim is another one of the Calas Galadhorn Park group, some of which I have already covered here. Several waterways and roads can be explored by boat, horse or on foot. When I visited it about 2 weeks ago, winter had South Farthing under its grip, and it was delightfully peaceful. If you are cold, the house has fires roaring in the fireplaces that will warm you up. Go for a visit, you will enjoy it.
South Farthing 2012 01 18_001

South Farthing 2012 01 18_004

South Farthing 2012 01 18_007

South Farthing 2012 01 18_008

South Farthing 2012 01 18_010

South Farthing 2012 01 18_011

South Farthing 2012 01 18_013

South Farthing 2012 01 18_015

South Farthing 2012 01 18_017

The sim is rated PG/General

Monday, January 30, 2012


I have heard of this sim from one of the several blogs I am following, and I finally got around to visit it. It is a lovely sim, with snow in altitudes and nearly tropical at the water's edge only... The transition is smooth, well done. A lovely sim to visit.

hodgepodge 2012 01 16_001

hodgepodge 2012 01 16_002

hodgepodge 2012 01 16_004

hodgepodge 2012 01 16_007

hodgepodge 2012 01 16_008

hodgepodge 2012 01 16_012

hodgepodge 2012 01 16_014

The sim is rated PG/General

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crusades -Miranda's Moon Caliban

The text of the sim says: "Out on the fringe of the Blue Sun solar system lies Miranda, The Reaver Planet. Orbiting Miranda is the moon Caliban, once an Alliance research outpost, now populated by strong willed people who wish to be as far away from the Alliance as possible."

The build is nicely done, though the sim is quiet, 2 people at the most and often I was alone on it. It is well designed from a role-playing point of view, and worth a visit. A few good paintings are hung here and there.

Crusades 2012 01 15_001

Crusades 2012 01 15_002

Crusades 2012 01 15_005

Crusades 2012 01 15_009

Crusades 2012 01 15_011

Crusades 2012 01 15_014

Crusades 2012 01 15_016

Crusades 2012 01 15_017

Crusades 2012 01 15_020

Crusades 2012 01 15_027

Crusades 2012 01 15_030

The sim is rated Mature/Moderate

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Abyss

I do a lot of hopping around trying to find sims of interest, and this is how I got here... I was impressed. The Abyss really is worth a quick look, it has the appearance of an abandoned post-apocalyptic modern city... I loved the message at the landing point.

The Abyss 2012 01 13_009

The Abyss 2012 01 13_001

The Abyss 2012 01 13_002

The Abyss 2012 01 13_003

The Abyss 2012 01 13_005

The Abyss 2012 01 13_007

The Abyss 2012 01 13_008

The sim is rated Mature/Moderate

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cape Able

The text of the sim says "Cape Able is a non profit, Virtual Ability Inc. owned sim." The sim contains art galleries, one of them being the real-life Fenimore Art Museum, from Cooperstown, New York. A cafe, the Deaf Chat Coffee, is also present.

Cape Able 2012 01 09_001

Cape Able 2012 01 09_002

Cape Able 2012 01 09_003

Cape Able 2012 01 09_009

The sim is rated Mature/Moderate

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What ever happened to... Numbakulla (Pot Healer Adventure)?

Almost a year ago, I featured Numbakulla, a great sim, and a really fun puzzle to solve (the Pot Healer Adventure), one of the oldest such games on sl. It was a tough one which I was able to finish thanks to the help of a friend (we were collaborating on the the clues). To my great sorrow, I have learned earlier this week that the sim was gone! As a prize for finishing the hunt, some of the build's items were given away. I took as much as I could... but the build and its amazing atmosphere is gone! What a shame!








Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Off sides -Winter Hedge Maze

This sim is simply the entry to a group of sims where you can do lots of winter sports... I was attracted to it because it has a maze... but the maze was a very simple one, nothing challenging about it... However I laughed at the sight of who was trying a bungee jump, and just that made it worth a visit.

Off sides 2012 01 10_001

Off sides 2012 01 10_003

Off sides 2012 01 10_004

Off sides 2012 01 10_005

The sim is rated PG

Monday, January 23, 2012

City of Concord -City Role-play

A modern contemporary city, the City of Concord is also a role play area, so the usual advice hold: if you visit the area, wear a visitor tag.

City of Concord 2012 01 08_001

City of Concord 2012 01 08_002

City of Concord 2012 01 08_003

City of Concord 2012 01 08_004

City of Concord 2012 01 08_005

City of Concord 2012 01 08_006

City of Concord 2012 01 08_008

The sim is rated Adult