Thursday, January 12, 2012

Metales -Arctica Dreams By Rebeca Bashly

Women artists and creators of SL expose each for a month in Sim MetaLES.. This month, Rebeca Bashly is exposing, and I visited the place just at the end of December. It's a marvelous exhibit, I dont think it will be on for much longer, but it is worth visiting, now or future exhibits.

You land here, and a sign tells you to jump in, and below, a world in ice awaits you.

MetaLES 2011 12 29_013

MetaLES 2011 12 29_006

MetaLES 2011 12 29_004

I particularly liked that one:

MetaLES 2011 12 29_003

MetaLES 2011 12 29_002

I visited a skybox too...

MetaLES 2011 12 29_008

MetaLES 2011 12 29_009

The best is to visit the place and ponder about the creativity of artists in sl, a media that never existed until a few years ago.
The sim is rated Mature/Moderate

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