Thursday, May 24, 2012

Action -Dream of Haru

This sim might be closed already, another one where by the time I am ready to blog it, it is gone. In case it isn't... it is a romantic sim, with a castle, a labyrinth (with zombies and ghosts!), a ship wreck, a little corner of winter... in other words, several small enclaves where one can relax with a loved one.

Action 2012 05 11_001

Action 2012 05 11_003

Action 2012 05 11_005

Action 2012 05 11_006

Action 2012 05 11_009

Action 2012 05 11_010

Action 2012 05 11_012

Action 2012 05 11_020

Action 2012 05 11_023

Action 2012 05 11_028
The sim is rated Mature/Moderate


Anonymous said...

Thx for this blog about my sim. And yeah.....I had to close it, cuz I couldn't afford the money anymore. It were wonderful three years for me and for my visitors, who often told me, that "Dream of Haru" is their favorite sim in SL.
I miss it, too and have still not found a similiar place in SL, what could become my new hangout.
If anybody knows one - plz tell me.

Big hug
Aiko Diavolo

S0phia Inkpen said...

I am sorry you had to close your sim, Aiko, perhaps the page I have on it will help remind people of it. As for finding another one similar to it, if you are successful with that quest, let me know!