Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sorita -Isle of Sin

I was invited to visit Sorita even though the build is not completed. It was interesting to get an insight on one builder's method, which is to put everything (trees, rock and so on) that will be part of the build in the sky, and then add them on to the land as the landscaping is completed. I hesitated at first to blog it, because I was thinking: "It is not yet finished, so what is there now might not be there next week", but then, sims are rarely static, many of them changing over time. It happened more than once that a sim disappeared between my taking pictures and the blog entry... I even remember being on a sim, about to take pictures when I suddenly got a sim notice that it was going to close permanently in 5 minutes... I hurriedly tp'ed away. So enjoy Sorita, no doubt progress will be made over the next short while to give it a finished appearance! The owner, I was told, will see to that!

Sorita 2012 06 10_001

Sorita 2012 06 10_004

Sorita 2012 06 10_005

Sorita 2012 06 10_013

Sorita 2012 06 10_014

Sorita 2012 06 10_015

Sorita 2012 06 10_016
The sim is rated Adult

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