Friday, June 22, 2012

Twogood -Protected Land

I rarely visit continents, as they look like disorganized masses of buildings usually without a common theme, often with vast expanses of abandoned land... Though I will visit specific parcels or builds, not venturing much... So imagine my surprise when I happened in Twogood, and found this strange contraption in the middle of the sea... no lighthouse, no signs indicating the presence of this hole in the surface of the sea... Sailors beware! I was amazed to find the traces of only one shipwreck...

Twogood 2012 06 08_001

Twogood 2012 06 08_0022

Twogood 2012 06 08_003

Twogood 2012 06 08_005

Twogood 2012 06 08_009

Twogood 2012 06 08_010
The sim is rated PG

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