Monday, August 25, 2014

Lea26 -Pinwheels

Lea26 is another exhibit of Mac Kanashimi. The text of the sims explains: "The Pinwheels exhibit at region LEA26 showcases sim-wide variations of pinwheel art. The spectacular script-controlled pinwheel landscape changes continuously. This exhibition shows a fractal landscape with dangerous cliffs, made from identical triangles in different orientations. The landscape changes continuously. There is one long winding path, starting at the platform" I followed the path about halfway, quite a challenge to do, sometimes at the run sometimes walking, without falling! Starting with a portrait of the artist.

Lea26 2014 08 04_001

Lea26 2014 08 04_002

Lea26 2014 08 04_004

Lea26 2014 08 04_005

Lea26 2014 08 04_007

Lea26 2014 08 04_008

Lea26 2014 08 04_010
The sim is rated General

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