Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dream Sands -Vagonbrei Outpost

The text of the sim explains: "Based on Stargate Atlantis - This is an Ancient Alteran base built in the style of Atlantis. Feel free to come and explore."

Dream Sands 2014 09 04_001

Dream Sands 2014 09 04_002

Dream Sands 2014 09 04_003

Dream Sands 2014 09 04_005

Dream Sands 2014 09 04_006

Dream Sands 2014 09 04_012

Dream Sands 2014 09 04_013

Dream Sands 2014 09 04_018

The sim is rated Mature


Treyton Darkfold said...

wow!! It is so fun to Google your sim and find that people are posting things about it! I honestly had no idea.

I'm the owner of Vagonbrei Outpost and it is still alive and kicking after 4 years. I've actually changed it up a lot since those pictures were taken. I've improved a lot of the textures and changed some of the buildings up. I've since created my own company called Darkfold Builds and created a new building for sale that is a mini version of Atlantis. It is called Alteran GateHub - Valos Cor. Come on back and check it out : )

S0phia Inkpen said...

Thanks Treyton for your comment, I will go have a look!