Monday, April 6, 2015

Lea6 -When life gives you

An exhibit by Rebeca Bashly: "Looking at various myths, legends and fairy tales, apple seems to be pretty misfortunate for a woman. When an apple appears in a story, you know that something will go bad. From Eve, thru Greek mythology to Snow White there was always a catch with an apple. It is beautiful, delicious, tempting, seductive. A Perfect disguise for all bad that can come. I use it as a symbol for the monstrosities that woman too often dont recognise as such in its early stages. This installation is about domestic violence and eating disorders, on first sight two very different things, but violence against someone and violence against oneself are the same thing, a violence."

LEA6 2015 03 16_002

LEA6 2015 03 16_001

LEA6 2015 03 16_004

LEA6 2015 03 16_005

LEA6 2015 03 16_007
The sim is rated Mature/Moderate

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