Monday, May 25, 2015

Woodcreek Island -The Rabbit Hole

I discovered Woodcreek Island quite by accident, and found myself in the world of Alice in Wonderlands. Lots to see, enjoy! There were some yellow ban lines, but still worth it.

Woodcreek Island 2015 05 04_003

Woodcreek Island 2015 05 04_004

Woodcreek Island 2015 05 04_005

Woodcreek Island 2015 05 04_006

Woodcreek Island 2015 05 04_008

Woodcreek Island 2015 05 04_009

Woodcreek Island 2015 05 04_012

Woodcreek Island 2015 05 04_013

Woodcreek Island 2015 05 04_019

Woodcreek Island 2015 05 04_026

Woodcreek Island 2015 05 04_027
The sim is rated Adult


Anonymous said...

The pictures looked great so I went to see this place for myself, but alas, my graphics card overloaded and I crashed out. Logged back in and thought maybe I won't crash this time, so I tried again and upon landing I was so badly lagged I had to tp away to keep from crashing. Did anyone else experience this? I haven't had this happen before.

S0phia Inkpen said...

Have you tried reducing your graphics to a lower setting (in preferences). Also reduce the draw distance. I leave everything at the max, but my computer is pretty good. And this is not the most laggish sim I have featured in this blog.


Eddi Haskell said...

Also make sure your graphic card drivers are always up to date. Out of date cards can cause lag and make you crash.

Other steps are --

1. Reduce particles to zero if you have to in advanced graphics tab. Particles can be hugely laggy.

2. Make sure that you are out of other applications, particularly your browser when you are on Second Life.

3. Sometimes your own network may be busy, particularly in the evening your time. This happens quite a bit.

S0phia Inkpen said...

Thank you Eddi! Excellent advice!