Monday, June 22, 2015

St Louis Island

The sim shows the Arch from St. Louis, Missouri.

St Louis Island 2015 06 01_001

St Louis Island 2015 06 01_002

St Louis Island 2015 06 01_004
The sim is rated General


Eddi Haskell said...

The Gateway Arch which celebrates St. Louis's role as "entry to the American West" was finished in 1865 and is a real wonder of modern architecture. It was designed by the very famous Finnish architect Eero Saarinen, is as tall as a 60 story building, and is built of stainless steel -- it really is quite a wonder to see. St. Louis gets many thunderstorms, and the arch is a magnet for lightening strikes. Some people claim mystical powers to it -- due to what they claim are magnetic and electric resonances. Glad you featured it here!

S0phia Inkpen said...

Thank you Eddi for that very informative comment! I would love to see the arch in person!