Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Ode is a very scenic region, and it changes slowly over time... with one drawback: There is one house in the sim that has no indication of being private whatsoever, or did not when I visited the sim (my third blog post on this sim), and yet the house has an orbiter that will kick you out. I don't think that unmarked private spaces with an orbiter belong in such popular sims. Most people will obey the private signs, and if they don't, maybe it does say something about private spaces in a sim that wants to attract visitors: either those private spaces don't belong, or accept that privacy will not happen.

Ode 2015 06 27_001

Ode 2015 06 27_003

Ode 2015 06 27_006

Ode 2015 06 27_008

Ode 2015 06 27_010

Ode 2015 06 27_012

Ode 2015 06 27_015

The sim is rated Mature

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