Thursday, December 31, 2015

Night Atoll -Roots by Cica Ghost

The sim's text says: "The people have gone... the village remains, and time and nature now live here..." Trees have invaded houses

Night Atoll 2015 Dec_003

Night Atoll 2015 Dec_004

Night Atoll 2015 Dec_006

Night Atoll 2015 Dec_008

Night Atoll 2015 Dec_012
The sim is rated Mature/Moderate

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Trace Too

The Trace Too went into winter mode and has been redone to reflect that. It is lovely, snow and wildlife and residences isolated enough that you could feel the whole world is there just for you.

The Trace Too December 2015_004

The Trace Too December 2015_003

The Trace Too December 2015_005

The Trace Too December 2015_008

The Trace Too December 2015_011

The Trace Too December 2015_014
The sim is rated Mature/Moderate

Sunday, December 6, 2015


Everlong aims to celebrate life (or the moments of your life). The sim stands a little outside time. Do not miss the various teleporting points.

Everlong Dec 2015_001

Everlong Dec 2015_004

Everlong Dec 2015_005

Everlong Dec 2015_007

Everlong Dec 2015_009
The sim is rated Mature