Saturday, February 13, 2016

Misty Mountains... and Diamond Bay

I have to agree with the text of the Misty Mountains: "One of the most beautiful woodlands in the Calas Galadhon Park and Second Life. Explore on foot or horseback through the meadows & forest of this wooded beauty." And as the temperature here in Ottawa appears to remain below -25, this sim was a lovely place to visit. Several secluded areas awaits the explorer(s).

Misty Mountains 2016 Feb_002

Misty Mountains 2016 Feb_018

Misty Mountains 2016 Feb_005

Misty Mountains 2016 Feb_009

Misty Mountains 2016 Feb_013

Misty Mountains 2016 Feb_014

Misty Mountains 2016 Feb_017

Misty Mountains 2016 Feb_019
The sim is rated Mature

Please note also that Diamond Bay which gave us the Dream builds(from Dream 001 to 005) appears to be gone, unless it is a temporary closure while being rebuild...

Diamond Bay 2015 10 08_026

Diamond Bay 2015 10 08_024

Diamond bay 2015 07 11_006

Diamond bay 2015 06 21_017

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